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Scrub of capsule filling machine

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Scrub of capsule filling machine

Cleaning tools: nylon brush, fiber - resistant rag, mop, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Cleaner: "Diao Brand" detergent. Disinfectant: 75% alcohol.

Preparation of detergent: add proper amount of detergent and drinking water to the cleaning pool, stir thoroughly and set aside. Preparation of disinfectant: a certain amount of anhydrous alcohol and a certain amount of distilled water mixed, fully stirred evenly, reserve.

Cleaning method: same type, same specification Cleaning: use nylon brush to collect the powder scattered on the machine and the table in the appropriate container. Recyclable and non-recyclable items should be collected separately. Use plastic bags to seal the hopper before leaving work to prevent accidental contamination. Place the empty capsule back into the capsule container. Collect the broken and empty capsules and the empty capsules scattered on the machine or counter surface and destroy them. Collect broken and filled capsules in appropriate containers. Seal and label all containers of powders or capsules. When cleaning the filling mold, the powder attached to the surface should be carefully washed and dried with compressed air or in the oven. Clean the ground powder with a vacuum cleaner and wipe it with a mop.

Cleaning when changing varieties or specifications: collect the powder left on the equipment or table in the appropriate container, and strictly distinguish the recyclable and non-recyclable products, and clearly label them. Remove the hopper, empty capsule separator assembly, filling ring and other components from the filling machine, and send them to the cleaning room for cleaning. Thoroughly clean and dry the surface of equipment. Vacuum filter bags should be replaced in each batch. Remove the vacuum filter bag, collect, register and destroy the waste powder in it, clean and dry the filter bag and put it back into the tank. Damaged vacuum filter bags should be destroyed. Wipe the powder on the table and balance with a damp cloth. Will be scattered on the ground with vacuum cleaner powder suction net, reoccupy mop wipe. After all cleaned parts dry, put back into the machine.


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