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Seeding mechanism of semi-automatic capsule filling machine

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Seeding mechanism of semi-automatic capsule filling machine

         Semi-automatic hard capsule filling machine changes the output of the machine by changing the mold (changing the number of mold holes). When the machine is running, the capsules in the capsule hopper on the seeding station will enter into two feeding plates one by one through the small capsule funnel. There is a reed switch under the seeder. When the seeder tube is driven by the sector gear, it releases a row of capsules (1, 2, 3, 4, 5: 7 in a row, 0: 6 in a row, 00: 5 in a row, 000: in a row 5), when the seeding tube rises upward, the switch will immediately close the seeding tube. The capsule that has fallen under the capsule comb is pushed forward to the turning position by the pushing capsule plate, and the capsule head is pushed downward and turned around at the same time (body downward When the capsule is pressed downward from the correction block by the vertical fork, the capsule is sucked into the mold by the air flow in the mold hole. Because there is a small step in the mold hole to prevent the capsule cap from remaining in the upper mold, the capsule body continues to slide into the lower mold space under the action of vacuum, and the mechanism completes the capsule discharging, turning and separation.

        The cam, rocker and ratchet mechanism are driven by a single motor. Each time the cam rotates, the ratchet wheel advances one tooth (that is, a row of holes are pushed by the mold), and the cam drives the rocker to make the sector gear run for a cycle. The mechanism is equipped with automatic counting control. When the mold is full of capsules, the mechanism will stop automatically, and it can also be stopped manually when it is needed to stop in the process. The speed of the machine is adjusted with the frequency converter knobs and keys on the control panel, and is equipped with an instrument to display the speed. In case of incomplete separation of some capsules, the mold can be turned by hand for 2-3 turns to promote the complete separation under vacuum adsorption. The machine is equipped with a pair of mould and ordered separately. The user can choose and buy according to the accessory catalogue.

        Difference: each row of 000 × 10 device has 5 holes, capsule mold is 5 × 60 = 300 holes, thimble plate is 300 thimbles, each row of 00 × device is 5 holes, capsule mold is 5 × 60 = 300 holes, thimble plate is 300 thimbles, 0 ᦇ device each row is 6 holes, capsule mold is 6 × 60 = 360 holes, thimble plate is 360 thimbles, corresponding pressure capsule head, capsule pushing board, capsule comb and switch are all 6 rows. The 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 devices have 7 holes in each row. The capsule mold has 7 × 60 = 420 holes. The thimble plate is also 420 thimbles. The corresponding accessories are also 7 rows. Replacement: when using different types of capsules, the corresponding capsules should be replaced with 6 capsules for 0 # and 7 capsules for 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, 4 # and 5 #. If it is found that the capsule sent from the turning groove is more or less than one capsule, the J-type wrench can be used to fine tune the copper claw in the feeding tube, so as to clamp the capsule and prevent it from falling.



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