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Selection analysis of bubble cover packaging machine

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Selection analysis of bubble cover packaging machine

Roller drum aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine with roller drum forming, sealing and feed roller, so that the blister belt in the process of running around on the roll will be bent, and therefore not suitable for forming large, deep and complex shape of blister, packaged drug volume is small, so now to packing all kinds of sugar pill, tablet, capsule and capsule. In addition, because the roller bubble cover packaging machine is vacuum negative pressure forming, the thickness uniformity of the bubble cover forming is poor, and the speed of forming can not be too fast, so the working frequency of the machine can not be too high, the general punching frequency is 30 ~ 40 times /min, which affects its application to a certain extent. However, from the development and needs of small tablet packaging and the advantages of the machine itself simple structure, low cost, vertical roller bubble cover packaging machine or has a considerable development prospects.

Plate type aluminum bubble cover packaging machine is developed on the basis of roller bubble cover packaging machine, the overall structure can be divided into box structure and frame structure, are using plate type molding mold, plate type sealing mold, horizontal clamping step. In addition to the function of roller blister packing machine, the flat blister packing machine can also pack all kinds of ampoule bottles, vials and other bottled drugs and large size, sensitive medical instruments, etc., which has a very wide range of applications. From the category of drugs, it can be used in tablets, capsules, pills and injections, etc. From the shape of medicine, it can be used in round, square, triangle, ellipse, ellipsoid, various special-shaped tablets, Chinese medicine pills, etc. When choose blister packaging machine, such as strict in flatness of plate, the arrangement of drugs on the plate have special requirements, all kinds of blister geometry have special requirements, need to avoid light packing and so on, are preferred plate type aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, in order to extend the drug storage period, improve the grade of packaging, the use value and the market competition ability of the products.

Roller plate aluminum-plastic bubble cover packaging machine has two advantages of plate forming and roller sealing, which can pack various specifications of plain tablets, sugar-coated tablets, capsules, pills and special-shaped tablets and other drugs. However, when the tablet diameter exceeds φ16 mm or the capsule and the special-shaped piece are tilted on the standard plate at an Angle of more than 45°, it is generally not suitable for this kind of packaging machine, because it is roller sealing, and the bubble cover is wrapped around the roller surface to produce bending. When sealing, it is easy to crush the aluminum foil and will be crushed by the packaging.

In the selection of roller plate aluminum bubble cover packaging machine, the main consideration: (1) packaging size, not beyond the packaging range described above, can be selected; (2) Material utilization, with no transverse blanking of this kind of packaging machine to save packaging materials; (3) Production capacity, choose this kind of high-speed packaging machine when the production is large (punching times can reach more than 100 times /min), choose the relatively low speed of this kind of packaging machine when the production is small (punching times in about 60 times /min).


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