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Selection of blister packaging

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Selection of blister packaging

The selection of blister packaging is mainly from their different characteristics, according to a certain principle for the order of selection:

(1) Protective principle of packing. Because our purpose of packing is to protect the goods, facilitate storage and transportation and promote sales. If the packaged goods in the period of validity, mildew and rot, deliquescence or dehumidification of caking, rust and other changes, the selection of packaging is a failure, usually easy to damp and easy to mildew and rot of the goods are used blister packaging.

(2) the principle of convenient and efficient packaging operation. Blister packaging is easy to achieve automatic packaging assembly line production, so the labor intensity of workers is low and the production efficiency is high, but the mold needs to be replaced when the product is changed.

(3) The principle of reducing the packaging cost as far as possible. The one-time investment cost of blister packaging is higher, but the cost of blister packaging is lower if it is used for the mass production of small and light commodities.

(4) the principle of good appearance and convenient use of packaging. On the premise of ensuring the goods do not deteriorate, convenient packaging and low cost, we should try to choose the packaging method with good aesthetics and convenient use, which is conducive to sales.

To sum up, blister packaging for large quantities of drugs, food and small items packaging advantages are very prominent. For some complex shapes or fragile goods by sloshing wear and tear, the use of body-attached packaging, both cheap and reliable.


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