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Selection of tablet press

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Selection of tablet press

According to the production process and quality requirements of drugs, the selection of tablet press is mainly from the following aspects:

(1) According to the characteristics of powder and particle, choose the appropriate tablet press (mainly Chinese medicine or western medicine, the composition proportion of raw and auxiliary materials, etc.);

(2) Determine the output of equipment according to capacity and reserved capacity;

(3) select the appropriate charging system according to the existing process;

(4) According to the production record and deviation, equipment maintenance frequency and equipment control points in the production process of the product in the past;

(5) the operation is convenient, reliable, there is a necessary adjustment device. Such as mechanical regulating device, filling regulating device, pressure regulating device, speed regulating device, sheet thickness regulating device, etc

(6) The design of the tablet pressing room should meet the requirements of airtight (isolated from the outside world), no pollution, no dead Angle, easy observation, easy cleaning, convenient assembly and disassembly of molds, etc.


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