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Servo Drive application of blister Packaging machine

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Servo Drive application of blister Packaging machine

Servo driver switches and applications

Servo drive based on equipment operation order, a drive is A2 molding servo drive, the second is the blanking of A2 servo drive, the third is a molding B2 servo drive, the fourth is the active stick B2 servo drive, is the fifth type B2 servo drive, the sixth is the cutting knife B2 servo drives. Main encoder installed behind the forming of B2 servo driver, so in addition to forming servo drives, servo drives off the rest can run independently after forming mechanism, second, if turn off type servo can run independently and blanking forming and sealing, third, closed type servo driver can run independently in addition to the type of all locations.

Servo driver manual setup and application

In the actual tuning process, the servo driver will use three main functions: parameter setting, manual operation, and acceleration setting. One parameter setting includes the length of forming servo reciprocating running set to P7-03 and P7-05, and the changed value should be consistent every time. The value of p6-03 setting parameter of blanking servo driver is not less than 10000, or it can be set larger. The larger the value of P6-03 setting is, the smaller the blank edge under the plate is, and the value of each change is not more than 100. Manual operation is to deal with molding mechanism pressing into multi-layer PVC or other sundry causes alarm, inching and starting can not be used when you can find molding mechanism servo drive P4-05 press twice "SET" appears "JOG" after you can press up and down keys to control molding mechanism forward or reverse; The acceleration setting is to control the operation of the equipment. If the step acceleration is too high, it will cause PVC shaking. It is ok to set the parameters of the forming servo driver P5-20 to be no higher than 300, and that of the blanking servo driver P5-20 to be no higher than 600. The larger the value is, the longer the acceleration time is, the smaller the dithering will be.


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