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Solution for unstable filling of capsule filling machine

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Solution for unstable filling of capsule filling machine

The filling instability of the capsule filling machine is generally analyzed as follows:

1. If it is the viscosity caused by hygroscopic Chinese medicine, the key process must also pay attention to the extraction, remove the alcohol and make appropriate improvement process to reduce the hygroscopic of raw materials (of course, the unrelated part). At the same time, keep part of the medicine contains starch while eliminating the increase. Of course, acrylic resins and other treatments can also be added to reduce moisture absorption.

2. If the exudate is the problem, it is basically suggested to adjust the formula to add microcrystalline fibers or to help the pharmaceutical exudate to adsorb dust or increase, for example, to alter sucrose in lactose, mannitol to reduce hygroscopic properties.

3. Add flow AIDS, such as silica gel, magnesium oxide, magnesium stearate, etc.

4. Powder should be as dry as possible with as little humidity as possible.

5. Control the workshop humidity so that it is as low as possible and the temperature as low as possible.

6. Appropriately increase the content of magnesium stearate.

7. The package of medicine should be kept effective against moisture.

8.A finer powder is better.

9. Check whether the positions of the filling mold and the charging plate are appropriate. It is better to put less powder in the powder circle, not too much powder.

10. When filling at high speed, the worn filling rod should be replaced timely. The outer wall of the capsule should be polished and packed in time.


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