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Space adjustment of capsule filling machine

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Space adjustment of capsule filling machine

Separation and intermittent vacuum, did not work, skateboarding and lower die clearance for 0.8 1 mm, adjust the tie rod can be solved, there is a separate control valve clearance, separate the capsule cap body, inspiratory time capsule, stopping air, capsule exhaust chamber work, its characteristic: the protection shell capsule is normal, avoid waste capsule dropped by air chamber to absorb, can solve capsule not fission, lack of capsule disorderly phenomena.

Lower die calibration machine upper die is circular motion, lower die is transverse motion, the distance between upper die and lower die is 0.5 ~ 0.5mm. The method of calibration is to use two concentric die holes calibrated to require concentric die holes of 0.02 mm, the die is clean, and does not need to be removed, because part of the station is completely sealed, this is the most important combination device than similar products.

The distance between the measuring plate and the sealing ring is 0.05-0.15mm. The adjustment method should loosen the screws and remove the gasket. To determine the spacer thickness, then tighten the screw.

Support unified guide bolts, fastening bolts, rotating adjusting screws, adjusting and buffering systems allowed by barrier assemblies and sealing rings. After completion, remove the screws, add the bolt guide, and then test the cover plate (functional mechanism, refer to the following planned dose, monitoring mechanism, uniform spacing, different 3D measurement stability, high powder utilization rate, easy to disassemble). After reaching the requirements, manually rotate the motor spindle to make the motion feel even. The distance between the brake and the charging plate is set within the range of 0,05- 0,1mm. Adjustment method: Loosen the screw, remove the gasket, determine the clearance according to the thickness of the gasket, and fix the screw with the cover plate after calibration. The adjusted dust limit detector is used to monitor the dust concentration in the dust removal room. Adjust height according to powder fluidity. The height from the feeding plate plane is 50mm. Loosen the retaining nut. The detector end is located 2-3mm below the positioning plate. There is a small screw at the end of the detector to adjust the span. Impact base, adjust the height of the impact dose and powder density: adjust the depth of the impact plate. The depth regulation is correct and the dust quantity is accurate. Method: Turn the main shaft of the engine so that the impact rod component falls to a low position. Adjust the end of the impact rod in the same plane as the dose plate. Several normal zero values, in order to insert the impact rod into the hole, according to the table below to adjust the depth.


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