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Stamping die installation for sheet pressing machine

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Stamping die installation for sheet pressing machine

Before installing the presser, clean the surface of the turntable, the upper and lower punching rod holes, the middle die rod holes and the press die to be installed, and then install according to the following procedure.

Open the plexiglass front door;

To install the middle die: first, the fastening screw fixed on the rotary die is unscrewed bit by bit, so that the head of the screw is shrunk to the outside of the middle die hole, so that the middle die can be plugged into the middle die hole in the form. Then press the middle mold into the middle mold hole with a special middle mold handle until the middle mold goes under the middle mold hole and then tighten the middle mold retaining screw.

To install the up-punch rod: turn up the upper guide rail tongue and insert the hole of the up-punch rod. (Please note that the punch shall be able to rise, fall and rotate freely within the punch hole without any hindrance).

Down punching rod installation: unload the strip port, copper feeder, hopper and feeder bracket. Open the rear panel and remove the round pads mounted on the upper and lower rail; The drill bit may be installed one by one, and the pad should be in place after installation.

After the die is installed, turn the handwheel by hand to make the turntable rotate for two or three turns. Observe the frictional sound of the upper and lower punching rods moving up and down along each track and in each hole without obstruction or abnormality.


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