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Start-up operation of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine

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Start-up operation of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine

1. Connect the power supply according to the electrical schematic diagram and the safety electricity regulations, start the machine as shown on the operation panel, and observe whether the rotation direction of the motor is the same as the arrow, otherwise the wire change is corrected (note the grounding).

2. Connect the inlet, outlet and air inlet valves as shown on the front plate of the machine base, and connect the pneumatic pump motor to the electrical control circuit of the machine (if the power of the air pump motor is greater than 4KW, it should be equipped with a control power supply).

3. Turn on the heating parts and set the temperature: heat seal around 160℃, heat up and down around 100℃. For the adjustment method, see the instructions on the touch screen. The exact temperature is related to the working speed, the quality of the plastic sheet, the temperature and other factors, so it should be used in production. According to actual needs.

4. Turn on the air compressor and raise the heating plate after inflation. Refer to the "Working Process" label to align the plastic sheet and aluminum foil and correct the center position. Observe the forming, heat sealing, punching and running conditions, and then open the feeding gate to discharge the medicine after production (be careful to turn on the cooling water after starting).


5. After booting, the operation screen enters the [first main interface], and the device enters the ready-to-run state.

Note: The machine is equipped with an alarm device. When the PVC is used up and broken, the information will be displayed in a scrolling manner under the touch screen and an alarm will be given, and it will automatically stop.

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