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Station of blister packaging machine

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Station of blister packaging machine

PVC thermoforming station
The plastic film is heated by the heating plate and then blown into the mold by positive pressure. The size and shape of the blister can be customized according to customer requirements. It can also be equipped with a forming stretching head according to the situation. The molding effect is crisp and smooth. Compared with blister molding, there is no blister point, and the formed film stretches evenly.
Disk brush feeder station
Capsules, tablets, soft capsules and other pills are brushed into the blister through repeated circular motions of the nylon brush. In the case of reworked silo pills, the blister filling rate can be as high as 99.99%. The nylon brush here can be selected according to the different types of pills packaged by the customer, including silicone sheet brush, wool brush or PTFE sheet brush.
Aluminum and aluminum to bubble feeder
The aluminum-aluminum bubble feeder is customized according to the machine and can be used for capsules and tablets. The blister has a high filling rate and a wide range of applications. The stainless steel 304 material meets the pharmaceutical standard.
Heat sealing film heat sealing station
This station is equipped with an imported pressure cylinder (long service life) to heat seal the heat sealing film and the plastic film. The heat-sealing film can use aluminum foil, dialysis paper, DuPont paper, PE film, etc. Spot sealing, line sealing, flat sealing and other heat sealing effects are available.


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