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Stretch film vacuum packaging machine maintenance

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Stretch film vacuum packaging machine maintenance

In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prolong its service life, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance work in use.

1. should be in the temperature 0℃-40℃, relative humidity is not more than 85%, no dangerous and harmful gases in the surrounding air, no powder flying, all safe and explosive dangerous goods in the environment. Additional accessories are required for special circumstances.

2. The oil level of the vacuum pump should be checked regularly to keep the oil level in the 2/3-3/4 position of the oil window; The vacuum pump adopts imported oil or special oil for No. 0 vacuum pump, and the imported vacuum pump should adopt special imported vacuum pump oil.

3. When the oil in the pump is observed to be black or milky white; If there is water in the oil or the viscosity increases, it is proved that the oil has been contaminated. The vacuum pump oil should be replaced immediately. Under normal circumstances, the vacuum pump oil should be replaced once every 1-2 months of continuous work, and the oil level should be re-checked after replacement.

4. The type with water removal device should be drained regularly through the drain pipe of the gas bag (oil and water separator) according to the moisture content of the package. After drainage, the pipe plug must be re-plugged.

5. Before replacing the vacuum pump oil, the vacuum pump should be run for 15-30 minutes, and stop running after the oil temperature rises, and cut off the power supply. Unscrew the oil cover, open the oil bolt, the oil will be exhausted. Then, tighten the oil drain bolt, fill the new vacuum pump oil to the specified height, and tighten the refueling cover. (If the oil in the pump is seriously polluted, then add new oil and repeat the operation according to the above method until the pump is cleaned.)

6.the solenoid valve every 2-3 months of continuous work should be removed for cleaning. for about 30 days to handle connecting rod bearings, long shaft bearings, tension spring hook contacts, casters rotation shaft and other lubrication.

8. Vacuum packing machine should be kept clean and free of oil, especially on the surface of heating strip and silica gel strip, and shall not adhere to any foreign matter, so as not to affect the sealing quality and service life.

9.packaging machine in the process of work or handling, to keep the vertical upward, no impact or impact, especially the instrument, switch, etc..

10. pay attention to the safety of electricity, non-professionals do not disassemble without authorization.


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