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Stretch film vacuum packaging machine process

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Stretch film vacuum packaging machine process

Stretch film vacuum packing machine is one of the most automatic vacuum machines, also known as automatic straight empty packing machine or automatic plastic box hot forming vacuum packing machine. The vacuum sealing machine is also used in many industries, such as hairtail fish, sea cucumber and other seafood, as well as some leisure food such as chicken feet and wings that we usually eat, as well as pharmaceutical products, etc., can use the equipment to carry out vacuum or air-adjusted packaging.

The working principle of the equipment is relatively simple, that is, the tensile film vacuum sealing machine needs to use the molding mold, the film must be heated to a certain extent, and then the molding mold is used to fill the shape of the container, and then the product needs to be loaded into the molding of the lower mold cavity, and then vacuum packaging.

Stretch film vacuum packing machine mainly has four workflow, vacuum, heat sealing, air return and circulation.

1. Vacuum: the vacuum chamber of the stretch-film vacuum packing machine closes the cover, the vacuum pump starts to vacuum, the vacuum chamber starts to vacuum, and the vacuum meter pointer rises to the rated vacuum degree (controlled by the time relay IS). The vacuum pump stops working and the vacuum stops. At the same time of vacuum operation, the two-position three-way solenoid valve IDT works, the vacuum of the heat-sealed gas chamber is kept, and the hot-pressed frame is kept in place.

2. Heat sealing: IDT is broken, and the outside atmosphere enters the heat sealing chamber through the upper air inlet. The heat sealing chamber is inflated by the pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the heat sealing chamber of the stretch film vacuum packing machine, so that the upper heat pressing frame moves down and the bag mouth is pressed. At the same time the heat sealing transformer work, start sealing; At the same time, the time relay 2SJ operates and after a few seconds, the heat seal ends.

3, return air: two two solenoid valve 2DT, the atmosphere into the vacuum chamber, stretch film vacuum packaging machine vacuum table pointer to zero, hot pressing frame rely on the reset spring reset, vacuum chamber open cover.

4, circulation: the vacuum chamber of the stretch film vacuum packing machine is moved to another vacuum chamber, that is, into the next working process, the left and right chambers work alternately, and the cycle repeats.


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