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Stretch film vacuum packaging machine technology

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Stretch film vacuum packaging machine technology

1. The lifting mechanism of the packaging machine is introduced from Germany with four connecting rod bending knee lifting technology. The lifting speed is uniform, stable and balanced, and the failure rate is very low to improve the quality stability in the production process of the equipment.

2. Pneumatic control system; Advanced pneumatic drive components, improve equipment wear problems, prolong the service life of the equipment, sensitive response, reduce the overall maintenance and operation costs of the equipment, improve work efficiency.

3. Automation, intelligence and energy saving: summarize and analyze the demands of various domestic food industries, and improve the packaging cost, labor cost and electricity cost. Easy to operate and easy to understand, fast speed, low energy consumption, far ahead of the domestic industry level.

4. one equipment can use a variety of molds and asynchronous film, that is, can do a variety of products, and a variety of different types of packaging products, the change of packaging film and film is simple and convenient, fast.

5. the key parts of the use of maintenance free system, the use of imported oil-free lubrication drive, so that the equipment in the normal production process without refueling, to ensure that the packaging products are pollution-free.

6. The positioning of photoelectric eye has the function of adjustment. When the cursor is printed at the same time between the user and the packaging film manufacturer, the cursor is fixed with the film extension rate, which will easily lead to the deviation of the cursor positioning, resulting in liability disputes between the user and the printing film manufacturer, resulting in economic losses.


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