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Structure characteristics of tablet press

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Structure characteristics of tablet press

1, this machine for tablet on the upper structure, its composition mainly, in the mold, the impact on three parts, become an organic whole repeatedly around 19 pay die equally arranged in the rotary table, up and down on the edge of the tail end of the push rod embedded in the curve of the fixed guide rail, when rotary table for rotary motion, rushed up and down the guide with the curve rail for lifting movement tablet and to achieve.

2. Main working processes are as follows: (1) Filling; (2) tablet compression; (3) out of the film. Three programs are carried out continuously. There are adjustment and control mechanism for filling and tablet pressing. There are instructions for operation.

3, The machine adopts flow grid feeding mechanism, can make the material evenly filled with die hole, reduce the sheet weight difference.

4, the motor is installed in the frame, the triangular belt drives the worm to drive the turntable, and the motor shaft is equipped with a stepless pulley, through the movement of the motor, the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, the use of safe and reliable without noise.

5. The side of the machine base is equipped with a powder suction box, which has a blower, a powder storage room and a filter powder room. When the machine is running at high speed, the flying powder and the powder falling in the middle mold are produced, and the powder is eliminated through the powder suction mouth, so as not to be stuck, and the operation is kept stable and normal.


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