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Structure device of capsule filling machine

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Structure device of capsule filling machine

The structure of the automatic capsule filling machine is composed of empty capsule feeding device, capsule distributing device, powder feeding device, measuring plate mechanism, capsule filling and sealing mechanism, the main transmission mechanism in the box and electrical control system.

1) Empty capsule feeding device: it is composed of a hopper and a conveying pipeline, which mainly stores the empty capsules and makes the empty capsules vertically enter the general device of the capsules one by one.

2) Capsule distribution device: the empty capsule is put into the sorting fork of the distribution device. The downwards movement of the sorting fork will send six capsules at a time, and the rubber cap is on the top. At the same time, the vacuum separation system passes the capsule into the module and separates the body cap.

3) powder feeding device: it is composed of powder hopper, powder hopper screw, feeding conveying pipe, etc. It mainly controls the stored powder into the metering plate under the action of screw and stirring.

4) Metering plate mechanism: metering plate specifications matched according to the capsule specifications and loading volume. The powder is filled five times in an intermittently rotating metering tray and pressed into the capsule of the lower module.

5) Capsule filling and sealing mechanism: after pushing into the lower capsule body of the medicine column capsule, the rubber caps of the upper and lower modules and the lower capsule body are pushed up to make them buckle.

6) Main transmission mechanism in the box: motor, box-type Fokaisen intermittent rotary mechanism, gear pair, reduction gear, CAM pair and chain transmission mechanism are used to complete the necessary power for the execution of the work in the box. Meanwhile, frequency conversion motor can achieve frequency conversion speed regulation function.

7) Electrical control system: PLC system displays the process elements of each capsule filling.


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