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System operation mode of the tablet press

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System operation mode of the tablet press

By rotary tableting machine under punch, along the guide rail movement up and down, respectively, when the punch movement to die hole, upper punch upward movement feeder, lower punch through the CAM moves down, at this point, the upper surface of the punch and the die to form a cavity, powder particles after forced feeder blade wheel mixing concone fill the mould cavity, the punch through the drop-down excessive filling are formed when the low point of the CAM. The press press punch continues to move with the punching disc, and the down punch moves upward gradually when passing through the filling CAM, and pushes out the excess powder particles in the cavity. In the quantitative section, the upper surface of the filling CAM is horizontal, and the lower punch maintains the horizontal motion state. The quantitative scraper will scrape out the excess powder particles on the upper surface of the middle mold, ensuring the same amount of powder particles in the middle mold hole. In order to prevent the powder in the middle mold hole from being thrown out, the cover plate is installed after the quantitative scraper. The down punch is pulled down by the down CAM, and the up punch also moves down by the down CAM. When the die hole is removed from the cover plate, the up punch enters the middle die hole. When the punch goes through the prepressing wheel, the prepressing action is completed and then continues through the main pressing wheel. The compaction action is completed through the main pressing wheel, and then through the tablet CAM, the upper charging moves up, the lower pressing pushes down and pushes the pressed tablets out of the middle die hole. The tablets enter the tablet outlet device to complete the entire pressing process.

The main drive system is to provide power for the plate-pressing machine. It requires the speed of the main drive system to be adjustable, and at the same time to have enough torque. Under large impact load, the speed is stable and reliable. The main drive system mainly includes high-power AC motor, frequency converter, tension wheel, large belt wheel, synchronous toothed belt, small belt wheel, hand wheel, worm gear reducer, main shaft and other components. The machine adopts frequency conversion technology to replace the stepless speed regulating machine. The advantages of variable frequency speed regulation are energy saving, reliable control, stable operation and small noise. The inverter itself has a number of over voltage, low voltage and over current protection functions, through the output parameters of the executive components can be real-time monitoring, in case of abnormal, protective function action, the inverter control the main motor stop, and fault display, to further ensure the safe operation of the motor.


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