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Tablet content and hardness

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Tablet content and hardness

Compressed content uniformity consistency inappropriate generally occur in the micro pill tablet and small doses of the drug tablet, medicine or percentage of the main: micro pill particles, particles due to the thickness size is different, the same materials and layered materials completely mixed granulation process, machine vibration, the better solution is to decrease the rate of tablet (affect the method of production efficiency, but is there a better way to be determined). The components of low-dose tablets vary greatly, so it is difficult to mix them in one stage. Due to the change of prescription, they can be used to increase or disperse the solvent in the same amount. For example, the liquid system granules are mainly added, while the mixing time of hydrophobicity is prolonged.

Soluble component migration is completed, granulation and drying the coating or coating process steps, drying in the evaporation process brought some soluble components between mobile particles, causing uniformity consistency is unqualified, but with great affinity complementary makings, and the excipient solubility components or microwave heating dry, traditional method of drying, microwave drying is a kind of internal heating method. The migration of soluble components may be related to the migration of part of the coating solution during the coating process, resulting in the color irregularity of the coating.

Rotational speed: This may occur in a tablet press when the tablet hardness is set at a low speed, and when the rotational speed increases, the tablet hardness decreases. If the rotational speed is too fast, the pressure time on the material will be shortened, the particles will bounce back quickly, and the hardness will be reduced. Therefore, the turntable speed can be improved by appropriately reducing or increasing the prepressure.

Lubricants: Too much lubricant or too much mixing time will weaken the bond between the particles, thus reducing the hardness of the tablet.


Grain size: small overall grain size, large specific surface area and high hardness. Coarse particles can be tested in the granulation stage.

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