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Tablet press customization requirements

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Tablet press customization requirements

In the customized orders of users, the diversified requirements of the structure are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

On the way of film, there are requirements for single-sided film, double-sided film, there are requirements for both single-sided film and double-sided film. It is necessary to design and transform the structure of the tablet press to meet different requirements.

In terms of protection, there are requirements for broken punch protection structure, and there are requirements for automatic power protection when opening the tablet chamber door.

The fault-punch protection structure refers to that when the punch rod breaks suddenly in an accident, the fault-punch protection system responds quickly and the equipment stops automatically immediately, so as to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents and eliminate the hidden danger in the bud. Automatic power off protection when opening the tablet chamber door means that the tablet press can not operate under the condition of opening the door of the tablet chamber. Under the condition of normal operation of the tablet press, the door of the tablet chamber will be opened and the machine will automatically stop quickly. This requires the mechanical and electrical parts of the dual design transformation, the detection signal is transmitted to the electrical control system to achieve automatic protection control.

There are special requirements for the structure and material of some parts. For example, some users' tablet products have explosion-proof requirements. The door of the tablet pressing room is made of stainless steel, which is durable and corrosion resistant and beautiful. The feeding device is required to be made of bakelite to avoid the interaction with the material.

In terms of operation control, most of the tablet press operating system and the host is one, some of the operating system is independent and can be operated from a distance. According to the user requirements of the electrical operating system for the design of transformation, design and processing of independent electrical cabinet, operating system and independent electrical cabinet together, the host is connected with the cable, so that the remote operation control.


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