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Tablet press die manufacturing

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Tablet press die manufacturing

Manufacturing of punching die. In die manufacturing technology, in addition to the choice of reasonable and affordable conventional processing means, whether the effective control of quality characteristics of the important items of precision, professional vacuum heat treatment technology is the most important means. Vacuum heat treatment is an advanced heat treatment technology with high efficiency, high quality, energy saving, clean and pollution-free and programmed control. One large can improve plate shape is the feature of surface hardness and surface brightness, and other related aspects of the surface quality and performance, such as fatigue and corrosion resistance, and have to improve the plasticity, toughness and fatigue strength of parts, small parts deformation, reduce artificial factors affecting the quality, etc., is a high quality tablet in the process of the die manufacturing indispensable key technology. Our company has applied advanced vacuum heat treatment technology to manufacture die for many years, and has customers both at home and abroad. With the promotion of vacuum heat treatment technology, the manufacturing quality of the die has been steadily improved, the service life is about 2 ~ 3 times before the use of the user's production cost is reduced, has been widely recognized by users.

Daily maintenance of punching die. The correct use and maintenance of high speed tablet press and die, as well as the daily maintenance of the related components of the tablet press and die are very important, which are related to the normal operation of the high-speed tablet press, the pass rate of the tablet and the service life of the die. It is hoped that the equipment management department of the user will establish the operation and maintenance procedures of the punching die and the tablet press, and strengthen the supervision and management, so that the equipment will always maintain excellent operation state.


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