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Tablet press die ordering matters needing attention

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Tablet press die ordering matters needing attention

In order to make the drug factory users can order the appropriate die, this paper makes some simple the same time, it is suggested that the drug factory users can have full discussion with the die manufacturer to reduce the possible problems during production.

1. Due to some characteristics of track design and processing technology, it is suggested that users must choose products from the same factory for tablet press and die. Do not blindly pursue cheap and buy inferior die, then lead to the damage of the tablet press.

2. The choice of the tablet type: the correct choice of the tablet type is a successful step of the press die. For example, chewable tablets require higher hardness, and can be easily chewed, and most of the beveled flat tablets are selected; Shallow concave for film coating is optional. Because there is no adhesive and lubricant in the raw material of Chinese medicine tablets, it is required that the pressure of pressing tablets should be large, and the tablet type should be shallow concave. For tablets with large sugar content, shallow concave or flat tablet design is preferred. Alloy steel or hard alloy may be used for the middle die. Deep concave die die is easy to damage, as far as possible to use.

3. Consideration of the design of the die, film coating in the lettering depth and Angle of the difference; Corrosion of the punching die caused by the pH of the material; The influence of traditional Chinese medicine or high fiber raw materials on the service life of the die; Whether the pattern and words will cause difficulties in sticking and punching in the process of tablet pressing; Effervescent tablets, vitamin C tablets, disinfection tablets, etc. have corrosive effect on the punching die, and the surface of the punching die should be treated with special film. For some acidic and oxidized materials, hard alloy materials should be used.

4. Consideration of the quantity of the die: in order to take into account the partial damage during use, as well as the waste in the manufacturing process, it is suggested that customers order 1.2 times of the actual production needs; For long-term users, it is suggested that the first batch of manufactured die should be kept as the retention sample, and the retention sample should always be taken as the standard when replenishing the die.


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