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Tablet press filling instability how to do?

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Tablet press filling instability how to do?

Instability of filling will lead to tablet difference. Tablet difference means that the weight of tablet exceeds the allowable range of tablet weight difference prescribed by the pharmacopoeia. The causes and solutions are:

(1) the particle fluidity is not good, the amount of particles flowing into the die hole is more or less, resulting in a large difference in sheet weight, should be re-granulated or added better flow aid such as micro powder silica gel, etc., to improve the particle fluidity;

(2) too much fine powder or particle size difference, resulting in the flow into the mold hole when the material is heavy and light, should remove too much fine powder or re granulation;

(3) the particles in the hopper are more or less, and the weight fluctuation caused by the feeding will also cause the sheet weight difference to exceed the limit, so there should always be more than 1/3 of the particles in the hopper;

(4) punch and die hole anastomosis is not good, such as the bottom punch and die hole wall between the leakage of more powder, resulting in the bottom punch "astringent punch" phenomenon, inevitably resulting in insufficient material filling, this should be replaced punch, die ring.

Filling control is controlled by an adjustment handwheel mounted on the right side of the front of the machine with an indication on the side of the handwheel. When the handwheel rotates clockwise, the filling quantity decreases, and vice versa. Adjust should pay attention to the feeder has enough particles, at the same time adjust the pressure so that the wafer has enough hardness, so as to weigh.


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