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Tablet press has a variety of technologies

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Tablet press has a variety of technologies

New tablet press and tablet technology emerge one after another.

1. Increasing pre-pressure and improving tablet quality are common considerations of many tablet press manufacturers when they launch new products. At the same time, the main pressure and pre-pressure are the same, which brings great convenience to assembly adjustment, manufacturing and product type.

2. In order to improve the utilization rate of the equipment, reduce the cost of the equipment, and make the cleaning of the equipment more standardized, the concept of WIP in-place cleaning has been implemented in more tablet presses. Foreign advanced tablet press manufacturers also pay great attention to the research of the top output, many specifications and models of the tablet press has been added in the control system of the top output display.

Although China's tablet press and tablet technology has developed rapidly and made great achievements, compared with developed countries, there is a certain gap in product variety, technical level and product quality. Developed countries have computer control, electronic records, electronic signature, remote modulation and mediation and other high-tech mature application in the tablet pressing technology, and these high-tech in China's tablet industry has just begun to use; There are some gaps in the variety of tablet products in our country, and there are some gaps in the performance and quality of tablet products.


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