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Tablet press mold processing

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Tablet press mold processing

About processing, blanking (before heat treatment), grinding plane, tablet type, coarse car size, quenching, tempering, cleaning, external grinding, centerless grinding, flat grinding, external grinding, polishing, inspection, packaging, the general process is like this.

Says the most common mold and cheap, namely ZP series, using the bearing steel processing mould, they are what kind of process, the previous file process take not processing, rough turning directly the file size (piece of cup noodles is also direct car), hardening, grinding, centerless grinding, flat grinding, polishing, inspection, packaging. This process can not maintain the consistency of the sheet (because it is out of the car) and then temper the next process, the internal stress of the material elimination. The following process will continue

The mold process of high-speed tablet press is basically the same as the above, individual manufacturers temper the mold after quenching, the internal stress of the material needs to be eliminated, the polishing finish of the sheet cup surface is consistent, and many details are better controlled, such as chamfering, R Angle, polishing, not the main size and so on. Don't look at the small details, if you want to really do these details are difficult. The most critical quality issues are materials and heat treatment (quenching).


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