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Tablet press operation

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Tablet press operation

(1) The standard operating procedure for pressing tablet equipment is to install the middle die, the upper punching, the lower punching, the powder scraper, the feed hopper, the flow tray, the exhaust pipe of the dust removal machine in turn, and to install and connect the tablet powder remover. The installation of the special shape pressing die: mount the punching die, and position the middle die with the punching die. And according to the number of the mold into the number. Other procedures are the same as ordinary tablet pressing. And other production equipment ready.

(2) rotate the handwheel by hand, make the turntable rotate 1-2 times, after confirming that there is no abnormality, close the glass door, put the right amount of particles into the hopper, manually test the pressure, adjust the tablet weight, pressure, measure the tablet weight and the difference of the tablet weight, disassembling time, hardness, confirm that it meets the requirements and be confirmed by QA personnel.

(3) The pressure test is qualified, add particles, start the normal pressure tablet. During the tablet pressing process, the tablet weight should be measured every 15 minutes to ensure that the tablet weight difference is within the prescribed range, and the appearance of the tablet should be observed at any time and recorded.

(4) When the remaining particles in the hopper are small, the speed should be reduced and the filling device should be adjusted in time to ensure that qualified tablets are pressed out. When the hopper is close to no particles, set the frequency conversion potentiometer to zero, and then close the host.

(5) after the tablet is pressed, the wafer is loaded into a clean transfer barrel, sealed with a lid, and handed over to the intermediate station. Weighing and labeling, filling in the inspection form, and testing by the laboratory.

(6)The operation process with listening, watching and other ways to determine whether the equipment performance is normal, general troubleshooting. If they cannot be excluded, they can only be used after notifying the maintenance personnel for normal maintenance.


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