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Tablet press pressure size difference

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Tablet press pressure size difference

1. the speed of the tablet, the speed is slow, the time of the pressure can be longer, and the hardness can be better.

2. The relationship between the pressure and hardness of the tablet press is proportional to the range of pressure changes;

3. The pressure of the tablet press has a great relationship with the hardness of the tablet, there is a zero point, when the pressure is very high, the film is likely to sliver, so it is not a constant pressure can be pressed into the film.

In addition, the optimization of tablet pressing:

1) Adding microcrystalline cellulose with good compressibility is beneficial to the hardness of tablets

2) if the particles are too wet, after adsorption with silica gel, then pressure, hardness will soon come up

3) Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose can increase the hardness, different viscosity, you can try the CMC difference of different viscosity


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