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Tablet press production operability

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Tablet press production operability

Reasonable prescription should be suitable for mass production. It should not only meet the production conditions, such as the tablet speed and pressure, but also meet the quality standards of tablets, such as the phenomenon of non-viscous impact, sliver and loose tablets. The hardness, disintegration, dissolution, tablet weight difference and tablet thickness of tablets should all meet the requirements. Only the tablet speed is faster, to improve output, improve labor productivity; Only by reducing the pressure of the tablet press can the loss of the tablet press and the die be reduced and the service life be extended. Sometimes small test or short time production, there will be no adhesive impact, sliver, sheet weight and other abnormal conditions, but for a long time production, these abnormal phenomena will be revealed. In this case, the prescription should be adjusted to solve the problem.

In the design of specific varieties, trial production can be carried out according to the above principles in order to design a better prescription and technology. In order to further confirm the rationality of the prescription process qualified in small scale test, the pilot test should be carried out with the same or similar equipment as that in large scale production. In addition, the source, price, bulk density and viscosity distribution of auxiliary materials should be fully considered. Only in this way, can the practical formulation and process be designed to meet the requirements of mass production of direct powder compression tablets be designed.


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