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Tablet press selection reference

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Tablet press selection reference

In recent years, many tablet manufacturers have gradually approved the high-speed rotary tablet press from trial, and there is a tendency to replace the high-speed rotary tablet press. To explore the reasons, I believe that as long as there is a general understanding of the high-speed rotary tablet press people will say that the advantage is small, high efficiency, energy saving, the province of occupation, high information level. Taking the high speed rotary tablet press of our company as an example, a brief analysis is carried out around the cost performance, for the reference of the user selection.

(1) High output. The output output of the high-speed rotary tablet press is 4 ~ 5 times that of the low-speed rotary tablet press for the same diameter and similar number of die presses. Namely in the same time to complete the same output, is the number of high-speed rotary tablet press and 4 ~ 5 sets of low speed rotary tablet press relationship.

(2) High yield of products. As we know, the material loss in the tablet production process is mainly concentrated in the initial parameter setting and adjustment of the test tablet and the load reduction protection before shutdown. In the normal production of high-speed rotary tablet press, the batch utilization rate is more than 99%; And low speed rotary tablet press is difficult to achieve this index, especially the selection of multiple equipment will be lower, the opportunity to waste materials will be several times or doubled.

(3) Direct cost of equipment is basically flat. The price of a domestic high-speed rotary tablet press may buy 4 ~ 5 low-speed rotary tablet press, but the low-speed rotary tablet press must be equipped with multiple sets of auxiliary equipment, and the comprehensive calculation will be almost the same.

(4) Significant energy saving and consumption reduction.

(5) The labor cost is greatly reduced. Domestic pharmaceutical enterprises generally configure 1-2 operators for each tablet press. For high-speed rotary tablet press, because of the automatic control of tablet quality and other functions, even one person can operate multiple devices.

(6) The equipment management cost is greatly reduced. The daily cleaning and maintenance of the tablet press is essential. In addition to labor costs, a large number of consumables are needed, including drinking water, purified water, cleaning agents, disinfectants, and rust-resistant oils to protect the die. Obviously, the advantages of one set of equipment versus multiple sets of equipment are self-evident.

Of course, the choice of high-speed rotary tablet press still has a fly in the ointment - risk of production schedule. The impact on production is huge in the event of a sudden breakdown: low-speed engines with relatively low production volumes are much less at risk. Therefore, the selection of the user must start from the actual needs of the pharmaceutical factory, but also should focus on the functional perfection of the high-speed machine, operation stability, safety and reliability, convenient operation, cleaning and maintenance and service timeliness to comprehensive balance.


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