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Tablet press started

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Tablet press started

1) Turn the main power switch of the tablet press clockwise to rotate it from the horizontal state (OFF state) to the vertical state (ON state). At this time, the touch screen ON the panel starts to work.

2) Press the blue reset button (R) on the control panel.

3) Turn the power switch on the control panel clockwise, turn it from off position (O) to open position (│ 0), then the digital tables on the panel start to work.

4) Set the time and other parameters of each step in the tablet pressing process on the touch screen.

5) Rotate the pressure adjusting handle to set the pressure of the platen (it should be set when the platen is closed).

6) Press the temperature adjustment button of the temperature controller on the operation panel to set the temperature of the upper and lower platens.

7) Set cooling parameters on the programmed cooling controller (programmed cooling) or the touch screen (rapid cooling) on the operation panel.

8) Start the water circulation system, including water chiller and water tank.

9) After the platen reaches the set temperature, wait for about 15 minutes to ensure the temperature of the platen is stable.

10) Open the sliding door, put the template with the material on the lower press table, and then close the sliding door.

11) Press the green start button (□) on the control panel to start the tablet pressing procedure.

12) After the tablet pressing procedure is finished, open the sliding door, take out the template, and then close the sliding door.


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