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​Technical process of blister packaging machine

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Technical process of blister packaging machine

1. PVC preheating

Start the machine for heating. Close the upper and lower heating plates, and heat the PVC plastic sheet between the upper heating plate and the lower heating plate. After preheating, under the action of traction, it enters the blister forming mold. The upper molding die for blister molding is fixed, and the lower molding die rises to the upper limit under the action of the cam and presses the PVC plastic sheet hard. At this time, the air valve is opened, and the compressed air passing through the filter pressure reducing valve enters the cavity of the lower molding die through the upper molding die, and the PVC plastic sheet is formed by positive pressure.
2. Feed
After forming the PVC plastic sheet into a certain shape, the feeder will transport the packaged material into the blister. Specially shaped materials are manually fed. It is equipped with a photo inspection system that can automatically remove debris from the printing plate. 
3. Heat sealing
After charging and heating the PVC blister and aluminum foil, they are bonded in a linear or point-sealed manner so that the material does not come into contact with the outside world. 
4. Print number and batch number
For the already formed plates, print codes. 
5. Blanking
According to the requirements of the board and the output, the contour of the finished PVC is punched out.


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