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Technological parameters of blister packing machine

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Technological parameters of blister packing machine

The key process parameters (CPP) of aluminum plastic bubble cap packaging include forming temperature, heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure and punching speed. The forming quality of the bubble cap is related to the forming temperature, and the heat sealing effect is related to the heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure and speed. Heat sealing temperature is too high, it is easy to lead to high energy consumption and even perforation may affect the quality of the product, too low is bad heat sealing; Heat sealing pressure is too large, it is easy to pressure through aluminum foil, too small will lead to lax heat sealing; Associated with heat sealing time and speed, speed is too fast heat sealing time is short, needs the heat sealing temperature and pressure in order to guarantee the heat sealing qualified, speed is too slow heat sealing time is long, easy to cause the burning or blister deformation, hence need to be confirmed by verifying the better process parameters, plate type blister packaging machine, for example, can be adjusted in advance a fixed parallel heat sealing pressure, Ensure uniform heat sealing products anilox clear no wrinkles appearance inspection qualified, and then the heat sealing equipment supplier proposal of temperature and cutting speed on the range block design test plan and sampling method, the actual production to consider during the operation of equipment, materials and environmental fluctuations, the process parameters specified in the executable narrower scope.

Process parameters were not immutable, first of all, the inner packing material is changed, equipment modification or replacement of major components, periodic verification plan needs to be validated, secondly in daily production need to confirm whether make sure under control through continuous process, when in the daily production control test sealing is unqualified, It is necessary to conduct a detailed investigation and analysis of the causes of the deviation, including human error, inner packaging materials, equipment, molds, etc., to identify the factors that caused the deviation of the process out of control, to take preventive and corrective actions, and to evaluate the need for revalidation.


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