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Technology of aluminum - plastic bubble cap packing machine

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Technology of aluminum - plastic bubble cap packing machine

Film conveying blister packaging machine is a multi-functional packaging machine, each packaging process is carried out in different stations. The packing machine is provided with a number of film conveying mechanisms, whose function is to transport the film and make it through each station, to complete the blister packaging process. Various types of domestic blistering packaging machine used in the conveying mechanism of groove wheel mechanism, CAM rocker mechanism, CAM indexing mechanism, ratchet mechanism, etc., can be selected according to the accuracy of the conveying position, acceleration curve and the adaptability of packaging materials.

Heating The forming film is heated to a temperature at which it can be thermoformed, depending on the packaging material chosen. For hard PVC, the easier molding temperature range is 110 ~ 130℃. This range of PVC film has sufficient thermal strength and elongation. The temperature has an effect on the thermal forming effect and the ductility of the packaging material, so the temperature control is required to be quite accurate. But it should be noted; The temperature referred to here is the actual temperature of the PVC film, measured directly on the surface of the film using a point thermometer (the temperature of the heating element is much higher than this temperature).


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