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Temperature control of blister packing machine

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Temperature control of blister packing machine

According to our understanding and analysis of blister packaging machine, the control of three places is more critical. First is the temperature control of the heating plate; Secondly, good position control must be realized in order to realize punching and tearing process. Finally, the forming bubble shell and the hot seal plate are controlled to make them consistent. Therefore, the main control of the mechanism consists of three parts: temperature control module, counting and position detection control module, and heat sealing module.

The temperature control module is mainly composed of temperature sensor and thermostat. Used for preforming and heat sealing device. The device is composed of upper and lower heating plates, forming molds and heat sealing molds. Combined with pneumatic equipment, the main process of packaging machine - foaming molding and heat sealing. According to the thermoplastic principle, bubble formation requires the internal temperature to be controlled within a certain range. The system adopts Siemens thermocouple and extension module. Temperature stability control, so that PVC materials can be in the thermoplastic temperature range of positive pressure blow molding.

The most commonly used temperature sensor in engineering is a thermocouple. It has the characteristics of simple structure, easy to use, high precision, good stability, good repeatability, wide range of temperature measurement and so on, and occupies an important position in temperature measurement. It is a combination of two different conductors or semiconductors that form a closed circuit. Two contact points are placed in the test medium for temperature measurement, one of which is called the working end, also called the measuring end or the hot end; The other end is called the free end, also known as the reference end or the cold end.


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