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Test the tightness of blister pack

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Test the tightness of blister pack

The sealability test and leakproofness test of the drug package should be carried out in the process control. The tools used to test a package leak analyzer are commonly called package integrity testers, and tests for leakage and sealing strength should comply with ISO standards and medical equipment packaging standards for periodic disinfection. Packaging test systems shall include testing of packaging integrity and tightness in accordance with this standard. For non-porous packaging, packaging integrity and sealing strength tests can be carried out; However, for packages that are permeable or porous, the test applies only to tests of seal strength.

For medical equipment, aseptic packaging or flexible food packaging, necessary tests are required to ensure the safety of the product, for example, with regard to hose seals, cup and lid seals, or in pharmaceutical packaging and blister substrates.

Seal strength test

The strength of the seal depends on the size, shape and material of the package. The contents of the seal strength test, including fracture, creep and expansion tests of porous or non-porous packages, shall be carried out under compressed air conditions. Seal strength is determined by measuring fracture, deformation, and fatigue strength.

Leakproof test

The leakproof test of the package is to test the whole bacterial barrier layer of the package. Blister packaging or aluminum-plastic packaging of capsules and other medicines, food and containers, sealed vacuum film bag, a kind of packaging covering other flexible packaging of food, container leakage test, sealing test, under sealed conditions, using pressure relief or vacuum leakage test.

Nondestructive packing test

For the tightness of flexible packaging, a rapid, nondestructive test method - a solution for temperature measuring devices, whether the system includes a leak detection device and a fixed user packaging device. After placing the package in the fixing device, a pressure or vacuum test shall be carried out to test the decrease of pressure and obtain the result of leakage from the package.


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