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Testing and maintenance of pressing die of tablet press

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Testing and maintenance of pressing die of tablet press

Usually the new die before leaving the factory has been tested by the manufacturer's inspection department after passing the factory, and will be accompanied by proof of quality qualified documents, foreign imported die will even be accompanied by the detailed data of each die.

However, now many pharmaceutical factory procurement personnel like to buy some low quality die at a lower price, which requires users to do some necessary testing on the new purchase die before the official use, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

The same for a period of time after the use of the die can also do some sampling testing, to determine whether the die is still in a qualified state.

Die is very precise, pharmaceutical factory users should establish a special die storage and storage system, ready to have a special storage room, indoor should be kept dry.

After use, the die must be removed from the tablet press and cleaned one by one. When cleaning, it should be soaked in alcohol or clean alkene oil. After the attachment on the die is soft, it should be dried with cotton cloth and coated with anti-rust oil, and put into a special protective box or a storage box on the rack. For the same specification of the unused new die do not mix with the used die.

Under normal circumstances, after the use of the die, in order to ensure the smooth surface of the die, pharmaceutical factory users can polish themselves and often check whether there is explosion, crack, wear and other rust phenomenon.


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