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The advantages of tablets and capsules

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The advantages of tablets and capsules

The advantages of tablets and capsules. First of all, these are two different forms, the concept of a drug. Drugs can come in many forms, such as amoxicillin tablets and amoxicillin capsules. Although the main drugs are the same, the dosage forms vary greatly. Tablet is a solid preparation made of pressed excipients. After they are taken orally, they take some time to break down by absorbing water from the body. A capsule is a drug made from hydrolyzed animal bones and hides. Fast absorption and high bioavailability after oral administration. But high temperatures and humidity can nullify the changes in the capsules.

The importance of drug forms

1. Drug forms can alter the rate of action of a drug: for example, injections and aerosols may act faster than capsules, tablets or pills.

2. The dosage forms may alter the nature of the drug's action: for example, magnesium sulfate may be taken orally as a laxative, while injectable dosage forms may sedate and relieve cramps.

3. Drug morphology can reduce or eliminate adverse drug reactions: Delayed controlled release of drug morphology can maintain effective blood drug concentration and reduce adverse drug reactions.

4. The drug form can produce a targeting effect.

5. Different forms of drugs have different doses, different routes of administration and different effects.


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