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The aluminum foil of the blister packing machine creases

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The aluminum foil of the blister packing machine creases

Blister packaging machine aluminum foil wrinkling is generally divided into natural wrinkling and wrinkling (wrinkles are all oblique direction).

1.Natural wrinkling: the reason is that the aluminum foil and plastic sheet did not pull parallel when bonding;

Solution: Tear off the foil and reattach it.

2.Oblique wrinkles (wrinkles are all oblique direction) : the reason is the aluminum foil side tight loose; The aluminum foil roller is not parallel; Forming, hot sealing two die installation is not parallel;

Solution: Adjust the positive and negative screws of the adjusting rod, change the parallelism of the knuckle roller; Adjust the knurling adjusting handle to make the roller parallel to the track plane; Calibrate the parallelism of the two dies, generally taking the forming die as the benchmark, and calibrate the hot sealing die (the above adjustment does not require absolute parallelism, and it is often misaligned or adopts interference correction method).


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