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The appearance requirements of blister packing machine

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The appearance requirements of blister packing machine

1. The surface of exposed metal parts should be treated with anti-rust treatment.

2. The painted part of the outer surface of the machine should be beautiful and elegant, with harmonious tone, and the painted surface should not have obvious stripes and scratches.

3. All parts of the packaging machine should be neat in appearance, without burr and obvious scratches, and the surface, corners and edges in contact with the packaging should be smooth, smooth, easy to clean and disinfect. Packing machine should be able to be packaged according to the characteristics of the material, with the corresponding feeding device to adapt to different packaging, structure should be easy to disassemble; The inner wall of the parts in contact with the medicine of the hopper (box) and the feeding device should be smooth, smooth and without dead Angle.

4. The feeding device is in the form of mixing, and the brush and stirring blade shall not fall off and damage the packaged material; Dust and powder absorption devices should be provided for the packaged materials with large dust.

5. The coolant used in the packing machine and the lubricant used in each component shall be leakproof and shall not pollute the packaged objects and packaging materials.


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