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The brief analysis of blister packing machine

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The brief analysis of blister packing machine

This machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, low noise, compact structure, stable operation and easy operation. It adopts internal heating mode, PVC heating is uniform, and blister forming is solid. No blister loss during closing and starting, avoiding waste of packaging materials. Blister forming, filling, heat sealing, printing batch number and plate punching and cutting can be operated continuously, easy to install and maintain, small volume, low price, light weight, is the high-tech blister packing machine at home and abroad.

Aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is an innovation project, the use of automatic frequency control of motor speed control technology, and mechanical, electrical and optical integration and according to the requirements of the pharmaceutical GMP standard strictly, adjustable stroke, by photoelectric to version, aluminium, aluminium, aluminium aluminium is available. The machine is separable and modular, allowing access to an elevator and a segmented purification shop.

This equipment is made by heating for PVC PVC reaches a certain temperature, it through the PVC heating device to set the heating temperature, heated by positive pressure blister will soften the PVC blowing into the blister shape, then fill tablets capsule filler, filling and through the compression device, in the eyes of the corresponding socket will establish and PVC air bubbles and directly to the corresponding thermal bonding aluminum cylinder liner of the nest, more is by the hot platen sealing of aluminum foil and PVC thermal bonding aluminum film. Then, through the marking device, the product on the batch number, the product shape.


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