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The cause of dust produced by rotary tablet press

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The cause of dust produced by rotary tablet press

(1) Dust is produced in the process of manual feeding.

(2) of the normal operation of equipment in the process of stamping pieces on the dust caused by: 1) have been four organic glass door adsorption, unable to see the tablet, to cope with the production of organic glass door to open, so that it has violated the GMP requirement. 2) charged tail into dust, dust by adsorption caused by lack of oil filling of lubricating oil regularly, if it is not clear in time, It often causes wear and tear of the upthrust tail and the upper rail guide, which makes the equipment unable to operate normally. 3) Dust produced by the equipment running for a long time will enter the electrical cabinet and cause electrical failure; 4) Dust will pollute the tablet room, and it is not easy to clean and disinfect the tablet room.

(3) of the normal operation of equipment under the stamping process of dust, although have powder suction mouth suck, but in the back of the mold base, down rod also attached some dust, punch, in die dozen rods tap die, adherent dust down punching into the next track, and lubricating oil blending form the oil sludge, not clean up pollution for a long time tabletting room environment.

(4) The fine powder leaked from the feeder in normal operation of the equipment, if it is not cleaned in time, many a little makes a mickle. With the rotation of the turntable, the dust will enter the lower rail guide through the gap between the turntable and the plate. The dust will absorb the lubricating oil, causing the wear and tear of the lower rail guide of the lower punch tail and the pressure wheel, reducing the service life of the rail guide. If it is found that there will be a broken punch, and then the lower rail guide will be damaged.


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