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The characteristics of aluminum-plastic bubble cover packaging machine

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The characteristics of aluminum-plastic bubble cover packaging machine

1, PVC molding plate type aluminum foam cover packaging machine is through the main drive shaft CAM on the mold to do up and down reciprocating movement, blowing molding in PVC by the mold pressing, this device effectively ensure the smooth eye crisp and bubble wall uniform good molding quality, even small part of the molding reproducibility is very clear, And package sizes within the 360 * 150 * 30 (mm) of large goods, can use a larger forming area, tablet in addition to the packaging shape the rules of capsule, tablet, capsule, it outside, also can packaging complex irregular items, such as square, heart-shaped, pentagon, diamond, pellets and small animal shape items, At the same time can also according to the needs of users to produce a variety of shapes of punching mold, such as rabbit, butterfly, panda... , strange and fresh section can make consumer attention and appreciation.

2, aluminium heat sealing plate type blister packaging machine of aluminous model heat sealing is through the CAM in the mould of two parallel plates do, the movement back and forth, and two pieces of parallel plate checkered corresponding heat sealing, the balance of the section plane stress and uniform, more improved section sealing tightness and moistureproof wet resistance, greatly extend the storage time of packing materials.

3, PLC program design humanized operation panel, so that the operation to achieve a simple degree, shorten the operator skilled time, but also reduce the cost of operator training.

4, the improvement of different forms of feeding device can adapt to different specifications of the shape of the material needs, for milk, we use a plate trough type vibration feeding device, milk through the vibration guide rail tray along the plate trough is sent to the plate trough slide mouth, slide down to the bubble hole, very accurate, fast. The vibrating tray is fitted with a powder collecting box at the bottom. Most of the powder is collected, significantly reduce the amount of dust on the packaging version, which is very beneficial to the plate sealing air tightness.


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