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The composition and function of the capsule

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The composition and function of the capsule

The capsule is mainly made up of starch and contains a drug that can stimulate the stomach. Because the stomach does not absorb starch, the capsules deliver the drug directly to the small intestine, avoiding stomach irritation.

The hollow eggshell made of food-grade medical gelatin is treated with excipients and used for packaging solid powder and particles. The capsule shell has good bioavailability, high dissolution rate, reliability and safety.

Capsules are mainly used in pharmaceuticals and the pharmaceutical industry. Medical hollow capsules are mainly used in bulk, health products, medicines and other solid medicines.

First, the stainless steel mold on the formation of a rubber film. The gelatin film is then dried and hardened to form a capsule, which is then removed from the mold. There are usually two sizes of mold, one for making the capsule body and one for making the capsule cover. But some capsules made with industrial gelatin exceed the limit of chromium.

In food, gelatin helps to coagulate, thicken, stabilize, and ventilate. It is a popular food ingredient, rich in nutrients and low in fat. Edible gelatin is a water-soluble protein extracted from collagen, the main natural protein component of connective tissue.

Edible gelatin is made from the skin and bones of animals. There are many kinds of edible gelatins. The capsules are made from medicinal gelatin and must meet the strict requirements for medicinal use.


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