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The composition of blister packing equipment

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The composition of blister packing equipment

Blister packaging equipment by the anchor plate, castor, fuselage, PVC conveyor gravity roller, PVC conveyor turning roller, forming station, feeder, operating the monitor, guide rail, clamp device, detection device, heat sealing station, indentation location, identification detector, aluminum foil conveying weight of roll, twist roll, the charge weight of roller, waste rotary, waste itself, trip device, cutting workshop, finished product conveyor belt, trimming device, main motor, electric appliance box, etc.

Adjustable stroke device: to change the layout size, without adding or changing parts, it can be changed smoothly and accurately.

The plate heating device: the plate contact heating to change the traditional radiation heat conduction, shorten the heating time of PVC plastic sheet, effectively protect the molecular structure of PVC, save energy.

Feeding device: it is composed of hopper, vibrating screen, dust collector and general feeder. It is suitable for filling a variety of drugs and has better effect on packing materials with dust on the surface.

Main devices: molding, heat sealing, indentation, stroke, punching and other main parts are all designed on the plane of the fuselage, clear at a distance, very convenient for operation and maintenance.

Bubble and heat seal: PVC plastic sheet through the turning roller, plate heating until plasticizing into the molding cavity, positive pressure aerated to form a clean bubble cap, and then through the feeder, after covering the aluminum foil, pressure heat seal.

Indentation, batch number and cutting: the swing rod of the stroke is used for intermittent feeding to transport the PVC-aluminum foil composite belt forward. Three tasks are completed in one movement: indentation (the layout can be torn into small pieces after the dashed line), batch number and endless cutting. At the same time, the finished product section is sent to the conveyor belt and transferred to the finished product box.


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