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The development and transformation of the tablet press

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The development and transformation of the tablet press

As the scale of tablet production in China is gradually expanding, the tablet press with single injection cannot meet the mass production demand of pharmaceutical enterprises. In this case, the multi - punch rotary tablet press is widely used because of its high production efficiency. However, there are some limitations in the process of using rotary tablet press.

With the rapid development of automation technology and plate-pressing industry, high-speed automatic rotary plate-pressing machine has been highly praised by the market for its high degree of automation, energy saving and environmental protection.

Through pressure sensor, the high speed rotary tablet press is monitored and analyzed by the central control unit, which adjusts the filling depth of the tablet press according to the predetermined control mode to realize the automatic control production of the tablet press. At the same time, monitoring the damage of the die plays a role in the protection and safety of dispersed supply, which greatly improves the qualified rate of drugs, reduces the production cost, and allows one person to manage multiple machines. The high speed automatic rotating press is easy to operate, easy to maintain, stable and reliable in operation and high in control precision.

In recent years, China's pharmaceutical industry has shown a strong momentum of development. Tablets are one of the widely used dosage forms in modern medicine. Under this background, while meeting the market production scale, the tablet industry also needs to innovate, break the homogeneity and open up a new development path.


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