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The development level of blister packaging in China needs to be improved

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The development level of blister packaging in China needs to be improved

Although the level of blister packaging has developed rapidly in China, the types of packaging have been increasing year by year. However, for developed countries, there is still a certain gap. The main reasons for the gap with developed countries are:

1. China's overall pharmaceutical production technology is relatively low. Compared with developed countries, China has fewer pharmaceutical equipment, which restricts the development of pharmaceutical packaging.

2. Due to the large dosage of drugs, it is difficult to increase the service of blister packaging for drugs taken in large doses. The production cost of blister packaging is higher than that of bottle packaging in larger doses, which is not conducive to the realization and promotion of blister packaging in China. Therefore, in order to increase the use and promotion of blister packaging, manufacturers can reduce the drug dosage, and improve the acceptance of blister packaging by reducing the cost of oral medication wrapping.

3. In our country, the circulation drug system is single and most drugs can only be sold to hospitals for prescription. The prescription division of drugs is relatively weak.

China's drug packaging equipment is backward, new packaging methods often can not use the existing drug packaging equipment for packaging. We have improved blister packaging and should speed up our study with developed countries before we understand the new developments in blister packaging.


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