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The development of Blister packaging PVC

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The development of Blister packaging PVC

Pharmaceutical packaging PVC board made from PVC resin, add a few auxiliary technology through extrusion processing method in the production of qualified drugs, as an independent aluminum-plastic packaging substrate, each piece of tablets and capsules independence, become the smallest unit of medical packaging, make drugs safe, accurate, because the processing method is simple, small investment, easy processing, reduce pharma pharmaceutical production costs, improve production efficiency.

Because vinylidene chloride polymer density, uniform structure, in high humidity environment will not leak, excellent water resistance, resistance to oil and solvent performance is poor, especially for oxygen in the air, water vapor and carbon dioxide has a high performance barrier. In addition, impact resistance, tensile strength, seal durability and other indicators can meet the special requirements of pharmaceutical packaging printing, the future development direction is the development of pharmaceutical packaging materials. It is expected that in the coming period, the demand for rigid POLYvinyl chloride films used for pharmaceutical packaging will exceed 80,000 tons.

In the 1990s, pharmaceutical companies and consumers are increasingly concerned about the safety of medicines. Many pharmaceutical ingredients are easily oxidized or broken down when wet. The original PVC packaging for medicines varies greatly in its filtration performance, water vapor and ability to use. So not suitable for the use of drugs on the package, such as the requirements of moisture vapor, especially the volume of packaging and barrier, traditional Chinese medicine products to water vapor and humidity requirements more sensitive, the choice of packaging materials should be more carefully handled. In addition to people in the course of processing, for a long time and PVC have a negative impact on the environment and human survival, when the production of PVC vinyl monomer polymerization additives of vinyl chloride (VCM) preparation of plastic PVC board processing, such as plasticizer, stabilizer, dioxins in the process of combustion of PVC production of hydrochloric acid monomer, plasticizer, stabilizer, dioxins has a serious impact on humans and the environment. Therefore, the long-term application of PVC as blister packaging material is faced with the renewal of materials, so it is extremely urgent to choose new polymer packaging materials to protect the use of polymers and the safety of drugs.


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