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The development of packaging materials

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The development of packaging materials

The development of packaging industry is an important symbol of cultural development and scientific and technological progress. Since the 1950s, the rise of composite materials has triggered a revolution in the field of packaging, and the continuous development of composite technology. At present, a variety of new composite materials have emerged, which has a certain impact on the application of aluminum foil. Such as:

1) due to the aluminum foil packing food cannot be directly for microwave processing, a high separation are the latest in a microwave food packaging materials, namely on the base material such as plastic plating a thin layer of silicon oxide, make the material has high barrier property, high microwave permeability and transparency, suitable for high-temperature cooking, microwave processing, such as food packaging, packaging, can also be used for beverage and cooking oil However, the production cost of this material is very high, and the mass production technology is not perfect.

2) Nano packaging materials have entered a period of rapid development. Nanotechnology is the youngest science and technology of the 21st century, and is also considered as the most promising packaging technology of the 21st century. At present nano packaging is still in the development stage, the practical application is less. In addition, the market has also emerged a variety of new concepts of packaging materials, electric aluminum foil packaging has excellent performance and relatively low cost, these new materials have not formed a substantial impact on the scale of the market and aluminum foil packaging. But at present and in the next few years, the development of aluminized composite materials is an important trend, it will be used as an alternative to traditional calendered aluminum foil materials in part of the market.


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