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The development of single stamping machine

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The development of single stamping machine

With the continuous expansion of production scale and application scope, the single-punch tablet press is more and more understood and used by everyone, at the same time, people also put forward many new performance requirements. The defects of single punch press restrict the further expansion of its application range and can not meet the needs of some special production. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the performance of the existing single punch press to meet the needs of new era production.

The application of distributed direct drive technology. The transmission system of traditional tablet press is complicated in structure, with high vibration and noise at high speed, and its controllability and flexibility are poor. Manesty British company production FlexiTab * type single stamping machine, adopting distributed direct-drive technology, the traditional transmission system is divided into multiple independent direct driving module, they are controlled by PLC coordination, to overcome the traditional single shot type tablet press the defects existing in the transmission system, greatly improving the single type tablet press control and flexible, heralded the flush type tablet press one of the main development trend.

Suppress tonnage improvement. Now, the single punch tablet press has not only used to suppress practical tablets, it can also suppress some more special powder, such as airbag gas production tablets, catalyst tablets, etc., requiring greater pressure to form. At the same time, in order to improve the production efficiency, a mold often contains a number of tablet pressing mold, so that one can press 4 ~ 5 tablets at the same time. All of these require the single-punch tablet press to improve its pressing tonnage, to meet the production demand of greater pressure, which will also become a development trend.

Beautiful and simple shape. Good products also need good packaging, in order to be in an invincible position in the increasingly fierce market competition. People's requirements for products are not only practical, but also require products to be more beautiful, more simple structure, conducive to installation and maintenance. These market demands also indicate the development trend of single punch tablet press.


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