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The die composition of the tablet press

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The die composition of the tablet press

The punching die is composed of the upper and lower punch and the middle die. The punch and the die hole have good coordination.

The end shape of the punch can be flat, shallow concave or deep concave, and can also be engraved on the end face with words, numbers, letters, lines, etc., to indicate the name, specifications, trademarks, etc. The line is easy to take in two or three parts.

The punch and die hole section shape can be round, can also be triangular, oblong and other irregular shapes. But the size of the section is limited by the pressing side, should not exceed the allowable area of the machine, so as not to increase the pressure too much, damage the machine.

The tail of the punch is a groove, which is embedded in the convex part of the guide rail or the guide rail groove when working, and makes regular up and down movement. There is a groove ring in the middle of the outer circle of the middle die, which is tightened by the ball end screw to prevent loosening.


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