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The die mounting method of high speed tablet press

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The die mounting method of high speed tablet press

Before the die device, first remove the hopper, powder feeder, feeder frame and other parts, and the working face of the rotary table, die hole and the installed die piece by piece to wipe clean, get ready for the work, according to the following steps for installation.

(1) in the mold device: the rotary table in the mold fixation screw out of the outer circle area and flat, do not make the mold loaded and the head of the screw touch, in the mold device is very tight, placed flat, can be used in the mold hitting rod (random tools) is punched into, used for hammer gently into the mold, the mold into the mold. The surface of the hole should not be higher than the surface of the turntable, which is qualified, and then the screw is fixed.

(2) on the punching device: the upper guide plate should be pulled on the gap tongue, the end of the middle rod coated with some vegetable oil, inserted into the hole one by one, with the thumb and index finger to rotate the punching rod, check the head into the middle die up and down and rotate flexibly, there must be no hard rub phenomenon to be certified, all installed properly should be pulled down the tongue.

(3) Down punching device: pull open the small door on the main body and mount it on the round hole of the main body. The installation method is the same as that of the upper punching. After the installation, the wafer must be covered flat.

(4) die all suit is finished, will remove the components installed according to the original position and continue to turn the commissioning the handwheel by hand, turn and rotate it 1-2 observation and rushed into the die hole and guide action on the curve, without collision must be flexible and hard brush, start the motor, make run idle for 2-3 minutes, normal can be put into production smoothly.


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